Doctor Appointments

Routine appointments are for 15 minutes or 10 minutes and can be made by phoning the surgery or booking on-line. Please see reception to register for the on-line service. *Please note, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, all doctors' appointments are on the day only and cannot be booked in advance.*

If you ring for an on-the-day appointment a doctor will speak to you first to see if your problem can be dealt with on the telephone. However, an appointment will be given on that day if the doctor feels it is necessary. To book an on the day appointment please call between 08:30 and 10:30.


If you need to see a doctor urgently, please let the receptionist know. They will arrange for you to speak to/see the doctor as soon as possible.

Nurse Appointments

Nurse appointments can be booked for:

  • Asthma Diagnosis
  • Diabetic and hypertension review (not medication alterations)
  • Contraception and sexual health
  • Cervical screening 
  • Travel health advice and vaccination
  • Minor illness and injury 
  • Wound care
  • Immunisation
  • Ear care

Telephone Access

We appreciate that some matters may be dealt with adequately and more appropriately by telephone. Messages from patients are logged, and the doctor/nurse will try and respond as quickly as possible. They will not be able to speak to you when they are consulting with patients unless it is an emergency. Currently due to Covid-19 all appiontments will be triaged initially via telephone.

Please call before 10:30am and a doctor/nurse will try and return your call by end of the day.

Home Visits

Patients are requested, where possible, to telephone before 11am if a home visit is required that day.

We would request that, apart from the genuinely housebound, all other patients attend the surgery rather than request a home visit because of the extra time home visiting takes. On average four to five patients can be seen in surgery in the time it takes to do a single house call. In addition, the care that can be offered due to the lack of adequate lighting, examination facilities and equipment means that you may not receive as good a service as the doctor may be able to offer if you came to the surgery.

Please note that the doctor may telephone you rather than visit you if this is medically appropriate. Ultimately it is the doctors right to decide whether or not a visit is appropriate for a particular set of circumstances.

Not Registered for Online Services?

Cancellations & Reminders

Cancel an Appointment

It is important that you inform the reception staff if you are unable to attend your appointment, this will allow that appointment to be offered to another patient. If you fail to notify the Practice that you are unable to attend, you will be sent a letter informing you that you have defaulted from your appointment. Persistent defaulters maybe removed from the list.

You can cancel appointments by calling the reception on 02083473330. This can only be used if your appointment has been arranged for more than 24 hours in advance. (excluding weekends and public holidays). You can also text to cancel your appointment.

Late For Your Appointment

Please attend your appointment on time, if you are late you may not be seen. If you are not seen you will not be able to rearrange your appointment until next available appointment.


If you require an interpreter to attend with you when you see your Doctor please notify the receptionist and she will arrange this for you. If you require

BSL interpreter (British Sign Language) Please book double appointment beofre 5:00 pm.


Text Reminder Service

We have a texting service which allows you to receive confirmation and reminders about your appointments.

To have this service you will need to register by completing a consent form.

Please remember to update your contact details with us when you change address, telephone numbers and email address.

Evening and Weekend Appointments

Primary Care Access Hubs

Need to see a GP or nurse in the evening or at the weekend?

Please click here for the video relating to evening and weekend appointments. 

Minor Ailment Services

Some pharmacies run a minor ailment scheme, which means they can supply medicines for certain conditions on the NHS.

If your pharmacy runs a minor ailment scheme they can also supply medicines for this condition and you'll only pay the standard prescription charge.

Your local pharmacist may be able to help with:

skin conditions, such as mild acne and mild eczema

coughs and colds, including nasal congestion and sore throat

minor cuts and bruises

constipation and haemorrhoids (piles)

hay fever and allergies

aches and pains, such as headachesearache and back pain

indigestiondiarrhoea and threadworms

period pain and thrush

warts and verrucasmouth ulcers and cold sores

athlete's foot

nappy rash and teething